Who needs a man when...


I’m never a believer of products that promises to make miracles happen. I know every advertising technique. Why? Because I was an advertising major and besides that, we all know companies will use every possible technique to sell a product.

But then I came across you, and besides the fact that I thought we would make a cute couple, I mean c’mon, Frank and Francia sitting in a tub…. well you know exactly where I’m going with this. All the “hype” on Instagram and all over the web led me to your home aka your website, and then I thought what the heck, maybe I’ll give him a try. Besides, if he disappoints me, then he’s just like the rest of them.

So there I was, fantasizing about you coming over after I gave you my address. I waited patiently day after day hoping you’d show up, and then boom, there you were. I pulled you close to my face to smell your sweet coconut scent. I couldn’t help but to rip your clothes off and even though I never kiss and tell, I couldn’t wait to brag about you to all my friends and let them know we did the dirty dirty. After all, I am in love with a coffee scrub.

See, I don’t ever like to share, but I wanted all my friends to get a piece of you. So here friends, head over to and experience what I’ve experienced. And don’t worry, I won’t get jealous!

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  • Aren Dumars

    i want to try this so bad. thanks for the insight. i love this blog!!