Morning Skincare Routine

Pay attention to your skin and give it what it needs.

As I mentioned in my previous post, my beauty routine has always been lazy and simple – very simple. I keep things as natural as possible, because I believe less is more and I am not into trying every new product on the market. My beauty routine has been the same for years because as the saying goes, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”! I do like to experiment at times but only with different types of hydrating masks because I have extremely dry skin and my skin cannot survive without moisture.

skincare-beauty-routineCleansing is a universal requirement when it comes to taking care of one’s skin, and for me moisturizing is definitely a must. This is my daily morning beauty routine:

1. CLEANSING – I have dry skin so I use Cerave hydrating cleanser or Cetaphil.

2. EXFOLIATING – I exfoliate once or twice a week because of the nature of my skin. Since it’s so dry, too much exfoliating will remove all the natural oils from my skin. To exfoliate I use Everyone For Every Day Face Exfoliate, which is a natural skincare product. I also exfoliate my lips using Lush Cosmetics sugar scrub or Frank Body lip scrub.

3. TONING – I use a toner about two to three times a week, sometimes more if I have a blemish or uneven spots. I make my own toner using Bragg’s apple cider vinegar and water (one part apple cider to three parts water) because of the dryness of my skin. Tip: If you have oily skin then reverse the mixture.

4. MOISTURIZING – I use Cerave AM Facial Moisturizing Lotion for normal to dry skin.  I mix  jojoba or Vitamin E oil with my moisturizer daily (I alternate between the two). These oils are great for removing makeup, cleansing clogged pores, softening skin and moisturizing. Sometimes I’ll also apply eye cream and I alternate between Cerave’s eye repair cream or Origins Ginzing depuff cream.

I am always being told how young I look and I will have to say I owe that to my genes and also most importantly the fact that I make sure I get an adequate amount of sleep, I drink lots of water, and I am very conscious about what I feed my body as all of these play a huge part in the condition of your skin. In the winter, I never sleep without a humidifier by bed to circulate air throughout the room and keep my skin moist. Pay attention to your skin and give it what it needs, nothing more and nothing less.

What is your morning skincare routine and what products do you use?

  • Your skin is absolutely flawless! I’m struggling in the sleep and drinking water department, I really need to work on that.

    xo, Jo.

  • burkerabe

    Your skin is absolutely flawless! so need to work on that.